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Canadian Immigration Applicants

Throughout our time in the field, we have experienced firsthand, Canadian immigration applicants make many common mistakes. The result of these mistakes is usually the rejection of the application.

Permanent Canadian residency is of great value, and the quotas and strict caps in place mistakes in the application become unaffordable. 

To share with you what we have learned throughout our years in service, we at Total Visa Immigration Services in Surrey have compiled a list of the most common mistakes made by Canadian immigration applicants

Choosing A Fraud Or Ghost Consultant

You need help from people who know the rules and regulations involved in the process of applying for Canadian residency. For this, you would hire a consultant who conducts these services professionally. 

Unfortunately, with the exuberant fees that are paid for such help, you can come across many consultants who are frauds which will result in the application being rejected. Hence, it is wise to carefully choose your consultant for immigration services. This consultant needs to value integrity and transparency.

Choosing The Wrong Immigration Category

Most Canadian immigration applicants get rejected due to ineligibility. This is due to not knowing which category they belong to and not applying through the right category. 

Our immigration consultants help you choose the right category you will be eligible for so that the filing of your application is successful.

Delayed Response Time

Immigration officials give deadlines for filing the necessary documents. Most applications are rejected due to applicants not filing or not responding on time. Once the application process starts immigration officials don’t usually send reminders. Hence, if not aware, due to negligence and not being on time applications get rejected.

We at Total Immigration Services in Surrey, help you keep track of the deadlines and ensure that you file all the necessary documents on time. This will help with the application being approved.

Not Disclosing Accurate Information

Canadian immigration applicants are required to be honest when filling out their information on the forms. The Immigration Department has the necessary resources to find out when inaccurate information is provided or is withheld.

If information is withheld or inaccurate, the application can get rejected on the grounds of misrepresentation by the Immigration Office handling the application.

Miscalculating Their Selection Points

The success of an immigration application depends on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRK) score. Under most immigration categories, there are selection factors for which points are calculated.

Canadian immigration applicants need to score points for these selection factors to be eligible. If they are not properly dealt with, the application has a high chance of being rejected.

These are some of the common mistakes made by immigration applicants. We help avoid these and other mistakes that can happen during the application process.

We are a group of professionals who know the ins and outs of applying for Canadian immigration and visas.  We assist Canadian immigration applicants who are professionals, business persons, family members, students, workers, etc.

We believe in applicants being able to make informed decisions with the available choices. Our services span across the temporary residence, permanent residence, Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), business immigration, citizenship/PR renewals etc.

We hold ourselves on providing efficient, affordable, and professional services to our clients. We encourage you to contact us when starting the application process for Canadian immigration or for any questions you may have about the process.

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